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City Of Gold 2013 - Day 3

Today was a busy day with Mars, Rekso, Zesta and Bias making some serious headway on their wall. It is beginning to come together nicely. Solo One continued on his piece from yesterday and his unique style and technique is shining through.

Pose also started on what is sure to be an amazing piece. Tomorrow it will all come together!


City Of Gold 2013 - Day 2

Day 2 saw Akut finishing up the Herakut wall in Old Chinatown and Solo One making a start on his wall in Newtown. Kid Kréol & Boogie were also on the streets of Joburg, painting their first wall in Troyeville and hanging out with the locals.


City Of Gold 2013 - Day 1 - Herakut Progress

Check out the progress that Akut is making on his wall.


City Of Gold 2013 - Day 1 - Official Opening

The City Of Gold Festival 2013 kicked off today at Grayscale Store & Gallery with the opening exhibition. Pose, Love and Curio hit up the Grayscale parking lot with a sick collaboration piece that visitors could watch.

Thanks to everyone who came through today. The festival will run for the rest of the week around Johannesburg. Keep an eye on the site for daily updates.


City Of Gold 2013 - Build-Up

The City Of Gold Festival 2013 is about to get underway. Some artists have been preparing for the exhibition while Akut of Herakut got an early start to his wall; others have just been enjoying the good weather.

Catch the opening tomorrow at Grayscale Gallery from 15h00.


Featured Artists: POSE - MSK, USA