Featured Artists: KID KRÉOL & BOOGIE, Réunion Island



Kid Kréol & Boogie are a duo of graffiti artists, born and raised in the French territory of Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

The duo first met while attending the Fine Art School on the island. They soon discovered that they shared a common interest in street art.

Their inspiration came from the 70’s New York graffiti codes. After some time they became aware of the difference in the socio-cultural background from which they came from. This caused them to adapt their style of art to fit their environment and inspiration which is Créol culture.
From American graffiti styles their artistry evolved by creating mythological characters and ghosts representing the destruction and reconstruction of the town.
Using these characters they capture the imagination of the local culture, bringing imagery to the many written and spoken traditional stories of Réunion Island.
After various regional and international projects Kid Kréol & Boogie would like to present themselves and their artistry to the South African culture which has already inspired them.